MortaL Explains How Players Should Approach Making a Career in Pro Gaming


Naman “MortaL” Mathur was recently live on his YouTube channel, playing games and answering questions from viewers. In his livestream he revealed the reason behind not pursuing a competitive career in esports after his BGMI stint. Following this, he also explained to his audience that gaming as a career should be a side hustle and gave some advice on how they need to approach a career in the gaming and esports field.

MortaL reveals why he does not play esports of other games since BGMI

Since MortaL took a break from BGMI esports, he has been focusing on content creation. He streams various games, including Valorant, every day on his YouTube channel, where he has over seven million subscribers. However, the former pro player has not shown any interest in competing in other esports titles.

During his recent livestream, one of his viewers asked him to try to pursue a competitive career in Valorant as he is good at the game. Responding to the query, MortaL said, “Anyone can try playing competitive esports for any game. But everyone has their own niche, and my niche was BGMI.” He added, “Suppose I want to re-enter BGMI competitive esports in the future, then I know almost everything about the game. But when it comes to Valorant competitive esports, then I don’t know around 60% about the game even today. It’s not only about aim.”

MortaL advices his audience to work on their gaming career as a side hustle

Another viewer told him he wanted to make a career in BGMI esports, but the game got blocked in the country. The same viewer asked him which game he should play to make a career in gaming and esports. Replying to him, MortaL said, “First of all, making a career in gaming is a side hustle. You have to do it along with your education or job.”

Following this, he gave the example of how other sports aspirants approach their career, and esports aspirants should do the same. “For instance, if I want to be a football player, I would practice football when I go to school, play in tournaments, and more. You have to do something similar with gaming. You have to be the same as someone who wants to be a cricket player, shooter, chess player, or something else. If you’re going to become an esports athlete, you have to do it as a side hustle,” he said.

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