Ola Electric Move OS 3 Update, Features , Ola Electric App link & More

Ola Electric Move OS 3 | Recently, OLA released a preview of their new operating system for the Electric Scooters. The news came out yesterday. The Co-Founder of Ola shared the navigation system by uploading a video through his official Twitter account. This holds a breakout because this is the first update since the release of the Electric Scooter.

Ola S1 Pro 2
Move OS 3.0 Features

CEO and Co-founder of Ola, Bhavish Aggarwal, shared the navigation system and all the updates in the system. Before we know the details, let’s have a look at the word of the CEO.

Let’s dive right in!

On 8 th May, Ola launched their electric scooter app at the conference held in Bengaluru. As per the current update, the app is in its testing phase. Now, only selected customers to have access to the app. The app is available in the play store. You can download and even sign up but you will not be able to access the features.

After logging in, a portal like this only app will be visible to you . Common users do not access the application, therefore you will only see the Coming Soon after downloading. One of the most talked about features of the app is the unlocking the scooter.

Update in Ola Electric Move OS 3

Ola launched the new update of the electric scooter and the app with improved performance and navigation. The latest update about the latest Move OS 3.0 is that the users can unlock the scooter using the official application of the e-scooters. The update came to glimpse when the CEO shared the video on his official Twitter account. Along with this update, there are various new features launched and highlighted by the company. We will uncover all the details in the article.

Ola Electric Move Os 3.0 Features:

  • Hill Hold
  • Proximity Unlock
  • Moods
  • Regen v2
  • Hypercharging
  • Calling
  • Key sharing and Many More

Ola Electric App

Move OS 2.0 Features
Ola Electric Move OS 3.0

Stay tuned with us to know all about the Move OS 3.0 and the electric scooters. Below is a series of updates by the company. Read carefully!

How to get Ola Electric Move os 3

Ola electric Announced an Early Access Program. Now those who have Ols S1 Pro can apply for Move Os 3 Early Acces by filling small form on Ola electric website.

Ola Electric Move OS 3 Launch Date And Update Roll Out

According to the reports Ola Electric Move OS will expected To offically Launch on Diwali this Year

Previous updates of Ola Electric Move OS 3

A Series of tweets reveals the update of Scooters OS :

Bhavish Aggarwal’s previous tweets say:

MoveOS3.0 is almost ready and the coming end of April everyone. Key features: navigation, companion app, cruise control, Bluetooth, lots of performance improvements, and more!

According to the tweet, two most important things are clear,  one is that Move OS 3.0 was about to be launched by end of the April. Well, till now there is no update regarding the issue yet. Tweet explicitly defined which features are the prominent concern od the  Ola. Move OS 3.0 will come with better navigation and added companion applications. There is a lot more than this, OS will have better Bluetooth and cruise controls. Overall, Ola is working to improve the entire structure of the Move OS 3.0.

The next tweet is shared with the video and which declares the arrival of the Move OS 3 soon. The tweet was published on the 18th of April giving out the preview and the updates which are added in the Move OS 3. Only a few details are released about the os, yet the information is enough to make people wonder. Improved services are certainly going to improve things, thus, people are so concerned about the update.

After a series of tweets and an announcement, the company opened the window for the next sale last month. The electric scooter S1 Pro is available for purchase now.

The company says “ The dispatch of these new orders of Ola S1 Pro from the Ola future factory will start April 2022 onwards and be delivered to customers doorstep.“

The Ola S1 Pro is available in the market with the new updated Move OS 3. The company’s above statements clearly say scooters are available and will be delivered to the doorstep.

Book Your first Ola Electric Scooter

Note: You can book it from Ola Cabs App Both on Android & IOS By Going in menu and select Electric

As per recent updates,  Electric Scooters are launched in two variants, named S1 and S1 Pro. Well, the update and the features are the same but both differ in the electric motor. The motor is powered by an 8.5kW. Meanwhile, the S1 has a 2.98 kWh and the S1 Pro has a 3.97 kWh battery pack. The S1 Pro has a range of up to 181 km per charge. Pro is ARAI certified. Both the electric scooters are full of new features. You can purchase the scooters, but you have to wait for the app.

As you can see, an electric scooter can be purchased, but for the app to be fully functional, wait for that. Wait for the next update from the Ola. If you found the article useful, then don’t forget to share it with your friend. Please visit regularly for the recent updates.


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