MPL ID Explains the Alter Ego and EVOS Legends Lag Incident

Mobile Legends: Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) has posted an official statement, explaining the incident during the match between Alter Ego and EVOS Legends in the playoffs stage of the MPL ID Season 9. According to the league, due to an ongoing team fight when the lag happened, the match could not be paused. MPL ID explained that the rulebook forbids matches from being paused if a team fight is ongoing. The league issued an apology to all the teams and fans involved and has come to a conclusion that the final match result shall be retained but the rulebook may be optimized for the next season.

MPL ID Reveals results on investigation regarding Alter Ego vs EVOS Legends controversial playoffs match

During a decider match on 21st April, fans saw Alter EGO dominating at the 20-minute mark and was in the midst of its final clash to win the match series against EVOS Legends . However, Rafly “Pai” Sudrajat encountered a technical issue that forced his hero Phovious to stand still for a few seconds before a technical pause was initiated.

This caused an uproar in the community due to how late the pause was initiated by the tournament marshals. On 22nd April, the MPL ID posted an official statement revealing the results of its investigation regarding the incident.

According to the league, Alter Ego members did not raise their hands until the clash started at the 20:48 minute mark. The rule book for the MPL ID Season 9 reportedly stated that pauses cannot be made while a team fight is ongoing.

The referee then initiated the pause at the 20:57 minute mark, the time when the teamfight subsided.

In the official statement, the MPL ID wrote, “The league has been operating and referring to the rulebook over the duration of the MPL ID Season 9, which states that a pause cannot be done while a team fight is going on, and this rule will remain valid until the end of the season.”

The MPL ID ended its statement by saying that there will be no changes to the final result of the match and EVOS Legends will continue to compete in the playoffs stage. Furthermore, the rulebook for the upcoming season may be receiving an update in the future.

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