NBA trade talk: Which team will make a big move?

On the latest Crossover podcast, Howard Beck welcomes Jake Fischer, senior NBA reporter for Yahoo Sports, to discuss the unofficial opening of NBA trade season. Could this season’s weird parity stifle the market?

The following transcript is an excerpt from The Crossover NBA podcast. Listen to the full episode on podcast players everywhere or on 

Howard Beck: You and I just named like all of the likely suspects, right? Jae Crowder, Bojan Bogdanovic Jakob Poeltl, who you wrote about recently, John Collins, Buddy Hield, Myles Turner, all the Knicks that you mentioned. Most years what happens is that none of the guys we’re talking about get traded. Or maybe one of them does. And then the biggest deal is the one that nobody saw coming. So I’m gonna ask you … given that every year there’s a big trade that we don’t actually see coming, who’s it going to be?


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