Netflix Announces Animated Minecraft Series is Coming Soon

Netflix Announces Animated Minecraft Series is Coming Soon

In a new post on Twitter/X, Netflix officially confirms that a new animated Minecraft series is now “in the works.”

Both Netflix and Mojang Studios are working on the series. Fans of the game are pleased that the show will directly involve the iconic developers.

Today’s post includes a brief teaser trailer, though it doesn’t seem to feature any actual footage from the show. Instead, a classic Minecraft creeper appears and proceeds to explode, revealing the Netflix logo. So, there aren’t any hints about the potential plot or characters.

Netflix did not announce a release window or date either, though the new teaser does say the animated series is “coming soon.”

Since the animated series is already in the works and coming soon, another trailer should drop sooner than later.

In the meantime, fans are also looking forward to the Minecraft movie adaptation, which was revealed a while ago. Some recent updates include Jack Black joining the cast of the anticipated film. They will reportedly play the familiar Steve character that players can start the game with.

For the time being, the Minecraft movie is still set to release on April 4, 2025. However, the production faced frequent delays, so the release date is hardly concrete.

Netflix’s new series accompanies a variety of other animated game adaptations, such as the recent Ark show and the Among Us series.

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