Netflix Announces Gears of War Movie, Animated TV Series, and More


The Coalition will soon be joining forces with Netflix to produce a live-action film adaptation of its hit gaming franchise, Gears of War.

The popular streaming platform announced the arrival of a major gaming franchise to Netflix with a live-action film alongside an adult animated series as well. The announcement came on the 16th anniversary of the release of the first Gears of War title back in 2006.

For the past 15 years, the Gears of War film has been stuck in developmental hell, ever since New Line Cinema first purchased the rights in 2007. However, it seems like the film adaptation will receive new life with Netflix taking over its development.

At the moment, not much is known about the new projects at the streaming platform, as Netflix is yet to reveal any actors or directors being part of Gears of War. However, the streaming platform has maintained that they might tell more stories after the film and animated series as well.

The original Gears of War revolved around Marcus Fenix, a member of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, who led a team of brave soldiers in an attempt to save humanity by defeating the Locust Horde. Following the release of the first title, the franchise spawned four more sequels and several other spinoff titles.

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