New Apex Legends Hotfix Patch Re-Enables Dialogue “That Was Wrongly Disabled”

New Apex Legends Hotfix Patch Re-Enables Dialogue “That Was Wrongly Disabled”

Respawn has released a new hotfix patch for Apex Legends. The patch fixes one of the more unfortunate bugs that popped into Apex Legends at the start of Season 8; it prevented players from hearing all of the awesome interactions between the playable characters during a match.

Alongside re-enabling some dialogue “that was wrongly disabled,” the patch also addresses the bug that prevented players from being scanned a second time if they had just been scanned by a Bloodhound. A small fix, but a welcome one.

Bloodhound mains have noticed that, since the start of Season 8, if you scanned a group of enemies that a Bloodhound from a different squad had just scanned, it would somehow not pick up all the targets. Though not a game-breaking bug, this issue has been annoying, especially since Bloodhound’s primary purpose is to track targets and inform their squadmates of where enemies are located. So we’re glad to see it fixed.

The full patch notes for the hotfix are listed below. It’s a small patch, so there aren’t any game-changing balance adjustments this time around.

Apex Legends February 10 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • Players not being scanned by Bloodhound’s tactical if already scanned by a different Bloodhound’s tactical
  • Errors related to explosive holds on Kings Canyon
  • Various stability fixes
  • Re-enabled some dialogue that was wrongly disabled

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