New Free Fire Twist Top-Up Event Leaked: What to Expect

The upcoming “Twist Top-Up” event in Free Fire has been leaked by data miners, including @venom.ofc_. The event will require players to purchase a specified number of diamonds to participate.

Free Fire Twist Top-Up event offering an exclusive Chroma Twist emote

By successfully matching the developer’s requirements, players will be rewarded with the exclusive Chroma Twist emote. Emotes in the in-game store usually cost a couple of hundred diamonds, making this event a great opportunity for those looking for a valuable emote.

Event Duration and Servers

The Twist Top-Up event is set to commence on August 1, 2023, and will run for a couple of weeks until August 24, 2023. It will be available for players on the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers.

Please keep in mind that these are leaks, and the event is yet to be confirmed by Garena. There might be changes made before its implementation into the game. However, considering the data miner’s accuracy with previous leaks, fans can expect the Twist Top-Up event to arrive in Free Fire very soon.

Also, note that Free Fire is currently banned in India, and players from the nation are advised not to play the battle royale title on their mobile devices. However, they can use the MAX version of the game as it was not banned and currently available on the official app stores.

Active Top-Up events: 100% Bonus Top-Up and July Top-Up offer fantastic Rewards

Currently, two other Top-Up events are active in the game: the 100% Bonus Top-Up and the July Top-Up. The former offers a 100% bonus amount of diamonds upon purchase, while the latter rewards players with a costume bundle and 100 diamonds.

Take Advantage of the Concurrent Events

Players interested in maximizing their rewards should top-up during this time as having two concurrent events provides better value. Make sure to complete the requirements before the events come to an end.