New Leak Reveals Exciting Free Fire AC80 + PARAFAL Ring Event: Rewards, Start Date, and More

The Free Fire community is buzzing with excitement as data miners uncover yet another thrilling event, the AC80 + PARAFAL Ring, after the release of the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server. This upcoming event is set to offer players on the India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers a chance to acquire exclusive gun skins for their in-game collections. While Garena is yet to confirm the event officially, data miners have shared valuable details about the event, including its start date and possible rewards.

Leaked Details of the AC80 + PARAFAL Ring Event

The leaked information about the Free Fire AC80 + PARAFAL Ring event comes from renowned data miners, including @maxxleakersofc, who posted the details on their Instagram handle. If the leaks hold true, players can expect the event to kick off on July 23, 2023, running until July 29, 2023, for a full week of action.

Spinning for Exclusive Gun Skins

During the AC80 + PARAFAL Ring event, players will have the opportunity to spend diamonds to make spins and receive exclusive gun skins. As with previous Ring-themed events, it’s anticipated that a single spin may cost 20 diamonds, while 11 spins could be available for 200 diamonds.

Sought-After AC80 and PARAFAL Skins

The leaked video showcases three AC80 and three PARAFAL skins that will likely be part of the event’s prize pool. The anticipated skins are as follows:

  1. AC80 – Phantasmal Touch

  2. AC80 – Phantasmal Claws

  3. AC80 – Phantasmal Grasp

  4. PARAFAL – Flames Undying

  5. PARAFAL – Electron Undying

  6. PARAFAL – Windrift Undying

Universal Ring Tokens and Other Rewards

Besides exclusive gun skins, players participating in the AC80 + PARAFAL Ring event may also earn Universal Ring Tokens through spins. These tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, and they will carry over to the next event as well.

Confirmation and Official Announcement

While data miners have a solid track record of revealing upcoming events accurately, it’s important to note that the information shared in this article is based on leaks. Until Garena confirms the event’s details officially, players should remain cautious. An official announcement is expected from Garena in the coming days, providing further insight into the AC80 + PARAFAL Ring event.