New Life Is Strange: True Colors Trailer Sees Alex Chen Preparing To Leave Foster Care

New Life Is Strange: True Colors Trailer Sees Alex Chen Preparing To Leave Foster Care

A new Life Is Strange: True Colors trailer sets the stage for the narrative adventure game’s events by highlighting Alex Chen’s exit interview from foster care.

In the nearly two-minute long clip, which comes from True Colors’ opening scene, Alex talks to her social worker at the Helping Hands Group Home about what’s next for her. After eight years there, Alex is heading to her brother Gabe’s place in the fictional mountain town of Haven Springs, Colorado. But her social worker has some concerns, particularly about Alex coming into contact with other people.

The social worker, named Dr. Lynn, asks if Alex’s brother knows about her “issues,” saying she “cares” about Alex and “just wants what’s best” for her. It’s an uncomfortable exchange, with Alex visibly sorting through her emotions to arrive at a simple point: She will just be a “normal girl in a normal town” once she leaves.

Things don’t turn out that way, unfortunately. While the specific events are still under wraps, True Colors’ narrative is thrust into motion when Gabe is killed. Alex then embarks on an investigation into her brother’s mysterious death by using her psychic powers of Empathy to tap into and manipulate the emotions of others.

We chatted with Alex Chen voice actor Erika Mori and senior staff writer Felice Kuan about True Colors, how developer Deck Nine crafted the character, and what it was like to tell a story with full body and facial mocap. Turns out, it was an “actor’s dream” for Mori, who has appeared in stage plays like A Christmas Carol and Macbeth.

Life Is Strange: True Colors drops on September 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Hit up our Life Is Strange: True Colors preorder guide to find out what comes with buying early.

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