New MLBB Hero Nolan Revealed on Advanced Server

A new hero Nolan has been unveiled on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) advanced server. Alongside the hero’s introduction, the unique abilities of Nolan have also been revealed, showcasing mechanics that hold great potential in the ever-evolving meta. Classified as an assassin, Nolan in MLBB is currently undergoing rigorous testing on the advanced server, with Moonton carefully assessing the hero’s performance and considering possible adjustments before his official release on the regular server. The new hero is expected to make his grand debut after the official release of the marksman Ixia who is part of the Project NEXT update. Moonton is yet to reveal the exact release date of Nolan in MLBB.

All Abilities of Nolan on MLBB advanced server

Here is a summary of Nolan’s abilities on the Mobile Legends advanced server;

Passive – Dimensional Rift

  • Nolan’s skills leave a Rift on the ground that can slow enemies that come in contact with it. When a Rift comes in contact with another Rift, it will explode after a short delay and pull enemies in.

  • Gains energy for each enemy or Creep hit by the Rift explosion.

  • After 6s, Nolan enhances his next basic attack to dash and pierce tagets.

Skill 1 – Skill Expansion

Skill 2 – Gauge

Ultimate – Fracture

For a much more in-depth preview of Nolan’s abilities in MLBB, check out this video;

Players should keep in mind that the hero may receive multiple balance changes on the Mobile Legends advanced server. Some of Nolan’s mechanics and attributes in MLBB may be different when the hero is officially released on the regular server.