New MPL Emotes 2022 Featuring ECHO and Smart Omega Leaked by Dataminers

New sets of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) emotes have been leaked by dataminers. The leaks revealed emotes for the MPL Philippines (PH) team ECHO as well as Smart Omega which was absent and not included in the previous release. The new emotes are more interactive which make them perfect for taunting enemies, unlike the previously released ones that only shout the team names. Moonton is yet to reveal the release dates and the method for acquiring these MPL Emotes in the game. However, they may be announced soon given that the regional leagues have commenced in some regions while others are kicking off next week.

New MPL Emotes for ECHO and Smart Omega leaked

The new emotes for MLBB esports fans have been revealed by dataminers. The leaks revealed eight emotes for Indonesian teams and three emotes for the Philippines teams.

According to dataminer and YouTube clipper, DJY, these are the upcoming MPL emotes and the special dialogues that play upon using them;

  • Aura Fire: Panik-Panik! (Panic Panic)

  • ONIC Esports Indonesia – Sehat Ngab? (You good bro?)

  • Alter Ego – Dek, dek, turu, dek. (Kid, kid, go to sleep, kid.)

  • Geek Fam – Hahaha, you sure bro?

  • EVOS Legends – Dek, dek, tutor, dek (Kid, kid, tutor, kid.)

  • Bigetron Alpha – Easy bro, hahaha!

  • Rebellion Zion – Rata woi woi woi (All dead, woi, woi, woi!)

  • RRQ Hoshi – Mana suaranya, dek? (Where’s your voice, kid?)

  • ECHO – Sheesh! Emotional Damage!

  • Nexplay EVOS – GG Easy!

  • Omega Esports – One shot Omega!

Compared to the previously released MPL emotes, the new emotes have much more flair due to the unique dialogue associated with them and are particularly more appealing especially when it comes to taunting your opponents. Players are already aware that excessive toxicity and trash talking are frowned upon in the game. With these new emotes, players can instead throw these in between matches and have a much more interactive and non-verbal exchange of sentiments rather than typing unsavory remarks in the chat.

What is the release date for the MPL Emotes 2022?

Moonton is yet to officially announce the release date for these new emotes. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the coming weeks.


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