New NUSA map in PUBG Mobile: All confirmed features, new weapons, and gameplay revealed

NUSA map in PUBG Mobile will be included in September (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent announcement during the PMPL Fall Season Finals in the SEA region, Tencent revealed that a new map, NUSA, will be added to PUBG Mobile next month, i.e., September, in the 2.2.0 update. It will be the smallest battle royale map and faster than the six other maps in the title.

NUSA will have an area of 1 square kilometer (1×1 km) and is set to be surrounded by mountains. It will have a 32-player lobby with Solo, Duo, and Squad modes available, and each match will last ten minutes.

The map can be played in both FPP and TPP modes and is exclusive to the mobile version.

A few days back, PUBG Mobile unveiled the details of its upcoming 2.2 update and let users try its beta version. Fans have also posted multiple videos playing the beta version of the new map on their YouTube channels.

NUSA map new weapons and features


New weapons and vehicles for NUSA map

The map will feature two new weapons, the flammable crossbow and an NS2000 shotgun. The former will be able to shoot bows that will make the target catch fire, while the shotgun will have zero recoil upon firing.

The NS2000 shortgun (Image via YouTube/Panda)
The NS2000 shortgun (Image via YouTube/Panda)

On the vehicle front, a monster truck and a quad bike will be provided for the players to traverse through the map.

Additional features for Map NUSA

1) Zipline

Ziplines will be available on the map, allowing players to glide effortlessly through rough terrain. PUBG Mobile has earlier provided ziplines for some other maps too.

Ziplines will be added to the NUSA map (Image via YouTube/Panda )
Ziplines will be added to the NUSA map (Image via YouTube/Panda )

2) Auto Recall

Upon death, gamers will be automatically recalled to the battlefield within 15 seconds.

3) Big Beachball

The map will also feature a beach where big beach balls will be provided for players to have fun with.

4) New Loot Crate

A new loot crate will also spawn in different places, which will help users replenish their supplies.

5) Boost Pool

Water bodies in the form of pools will be present in-game, allowing gamers to fill their boost meters.

6) Lift

Lift will also be provided for apartments where individuals can easily go up and down. Players can go to whichever floor they want.

Lift in the 7-floor apartment (Image via YouTube/Panda)
Lift in the 7-floor apartment (Image via YouTube/Panda)

This will be the 7th battle royale map for PUBG Mobile after Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi Livik and Karakin.


It will be intriguing to see how the player base reacts to the new map and additional features.


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