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New State Mobile: PUBG Dev Krafton Shares Details About Nov Update Including Shooting Gallery Mode, Weapons, and More


Krafton’s PUBG New State Mobile has received a big update for the month of November. This new update brings some major changes and additions to the popular Battle Royale title along with Season 6. Here’s everything you need to know about the new update from Krafton in version 0.9.42:

The first big change comes in the form of a rule tweak in Battle Royale. Krafton has revealed the new rule changes in the early phases of Battle Royale through which players can return to the match even after dying.

The new rule suggests that if a player dies before the end of Blue Zone Phase 2, they can return to the match once without being redeployed upon a teammate’s request. With this new change, players in Solos and Squads will be redeployed in a taxi drone.

PUBG New State Mobile Training Mode adds new Shooting Gallery Feature

Another significant addition to the game in the latest update is the Shooting Gallery feature for the Training Mode. Here, players must hit as many targets as possible within the time limit provided to earn points.

The mode features three rounds with differing rule sets and target spawn patterns. Players are ranked based on the highest score they achieve. These rankings will further determine the rewards the player earns at the end of the season.

The new SL8 weapon in PUBG New State Mobile

Additionally, PUBG New State Mobile also has a new weapon in the SL8, which is a DMR that uses 5.56 ammunition. With attachments available for its muzzle, scope, magazine and stock slots, the SL8 is perfect for players looking for a highly stable weapon that provides high damage as well. The SL8 arrives in New State Mobile with the custom C1 Suppressor Barrel, which gives increased damage and noise suppression in exchange for lowered recoil control.

Fans can check the patch notes for Update 0.9.42 to know more about all the changes in PUBG New State Mobile.

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