New Tank Marksman Hero Phylax Leaked in Mobile Legends


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A new hero named Phylax has been revealed in the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The new hero is the first-ever tank marksman hybrid hero in the game and is currently made available only on the advanced server. The character model for Phylax in Mobile Legends resembles a mecha robot that is commonly seen in Japanese anime. The new hero’s playstyle revolves around close-quarters combat and knocking up enemies. However, when casting its ultimate skill, Phylax will hover instead of walking while gaining ranged attacks and a new set of skills. Moonton is yet to reveal the official release date for Phylax in Mobile Legends.

New hybrid hero Phaylax leaked in the Mobile Legends advanced server

After the official release of the latest assassin hero, Aamon, on the regular server of Mobile Legends, a new hero has been leaked by data miner, through the advanced server of the mobile MOBA title.

Phylax will be the first tank hero that can have the capabilities of a marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Despite being a melee tank, the new hero can change his abilities to ranged attacks upon activating his ultimate skill.

Here is a quick look at the abilities of Phylax in Mobile Legends;

Passive: Overload

After each skill cast, Phylax becomes overloaded and allows its basic attacks to trigger a chain of electricity that will connect to nearby enemies and damage them.

Phylax’s Wrath: Melee basic attacks turn into ranged basic attacks while also triggering a chain of electricity that will connect to nearby enemies and damage them.

Skill 1: Earth Shatter

Phylax jumps and then deals physical damage and knocks up enemies upon landing.

Phylax’s Wrath: Brings down divine retribution to a designated area dealing magic damage to enemies hit and leaving a tremor in the area for a few seconds that continuously damages enemies within its range.

Skill 2: Onward

Charges into a designated location and deals damage to enemies in its path. If Phylax hits an enemy while charging, it will stop immediately and hit enemies in a small area to deal more damage.

Phylax’s Wrath: Throws a lightning bolt in a designated location dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and immobilizes them.

Ultimate: Phylax’s Wrath

Taking damage from enemy attacks will stack energy. When the energy stored is released, Phylax gains flight and switches to ranged basic attacks. It also gains the following bonuses:

  • Gain bonus attack speed based on energy accumulated

  • Gain bonus magic lifesteal based on energy accumulated

  • Converts extra Defense attributes into Magic Power

Take note that Phylax in Mobile Legends is still a work in progress. A lot of changes will be implemented for the new hero before it gets released on the regular server.

It will be interesting to see if the tank and marksman hybrid hero Phylax shakes up the meta of Mobile Legends when it officially releases.

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