New “The Aspirants” Anime-Themed Skins for MLBB Leaked

Two new ‘The Aspirants’ skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have been leaked by data miners. The new anime-themed skins are for the two heroes Angela and Ruby. For now, only concept art and keywords have been revealed. Moonton is yet to officially announce the release of these two upcoming The Aspirants skins in MLBB. Moonton previously released two . The skins were made available via the in-game draw event. The publisher also released where players could acquire The Aspirants skins along with various other skins and NFT (Non Fungible Token) assets.

The Aspirants MLBB skins may return with new content

One of the most popular skin lines in MLBB, The Aspirants, may be making a major comeback as two new skins have been leaked by data miners. According to a video by , the two new skins are for Angela and Ruby.

The upcoming skins shall remain in line with the theme of The Aspirants skins which have a sci-fi mecha anime style. The leaks only reveal the skins’ concept arts and are yet to be finalized.

The Aspirants Angela skin preview

The skin features a cute yet mechanical design. Angela sports robotic cat ears with cybernetic limbs. According to the leaker, the skin has the keywords; Guardian, Anime, Faith, Protection, and Belief.

The Aspirants Ruby skin preview

The second skin features Ruby sporting a mechanical eyepatch and a cool-looking scythe. Her dress resembles that of the Magical Girl dress seen in various animes like Sailor Moon but mixed with a cybernetic design. According to the leaker, the skin has the keywords; Mecha, Anime, Freedom, Resolve, and Musical Note.

Moonton is yet to confirm the addition of the two new The Aspirant skins in MLBB. For now, the skins are still in development and may not be arriving soon. The previous anime-themed skins had both an in-game event and an NFT mystery box event. It may be possible that the new skins may also have their own NFT assets when they arrive on the regular servers.

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