New Wild Rift Champion Samira Has a Bug That Is Ruining Matches

New Wild Rift Champion Samira Has a Bug That Is Ruining Matches

Shortly after the release of Samira in League of Legends: Wild Rift, players found a bug that allows her to maintain an S Grade combo after using the Guardian Angel item. This bug allows her to keep abusing the buffs provided by her Style passive, in turn allowing her to unlock her ultimate without having the need to pull off the necessary combos. Shortly after the bug was discovered, a Riot Games developer Tweeted that this issue is currently being fixed. Riot Games will be sharing more info regarding the bug fix soon. For now, players are advised to not abuse this bug to avoid being banned.

Wild Rift Samira bug allows her to retain an S Grade combo all the time

A new bug exploit has plagued Wild Rift. According to a video made by Warden, the bug allows Samira to maintain her S Grade combo after dying and being revived through the effects of the Guardian Angel item.

Upon reviving, Samira gains the effects of the S Grade combo and her ultimate ability is unlocked permanently. Usually, the ultimate ability requires Samira to perform stylish combos and reach an S grade before she can use it.

The effect of Samira acquiring an S Grade combo is a 21% bonus movement speed. Having this amount of mobility allows her to easily chase down enemies and perform deadly combos before finishing with her Ultimate ability.

While this bug exploit opens up a lot of problems for competitive matches, it will soon be fixed as revealed by the Champion Product Lead of Wild Rift, Maddy Wojdak.

Riot Games is yet to update players regarding the bug exploit. However, it is advisable to not abuse this bug as it could lead to a permanent ban. The bug fix may be arriving soon as the Wild Rift Patch 3.3c is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, 31st August.


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