The highly anticipated next generation of League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift Star Guardian Skins have been revealed. The upcoming skin line shall also feature a Corrupted and Redeemed version for some of the skins. The new Star Guardian Seraphine skin will also be released in Wild Rift as an exclusive skin and shall not be made available on LoL PC. The mobile MOBA title is expected to receive a total of nine new Star Guardian skins soon. Riot Games is yet to reveal the exact release date of the new Star Guardian skins in Wild Rift. However, it is expected to be released in the upcoming major patch update.

Wild Rift Star Guardian Skins Preview

The next batch of the popular Star Guardian skins will soon be released in Wild Rift along with an exclusive skin for Seraphine.

This skin line is arguably one of the most popular cosmetics in the game franchise due to its adorable and colorful nature referencing the Magical Girls (commonly known as Mahou Shoujo in Japan) genre, specifically the anime Sailor Moon.

On top of the Wild Rift exclusive Star Guardian Seraphine, Xayah and Rakan shall receive two versions of their own skins – the Redeemed and Corrupted Star Guardians. These skins are sold separately so players can choose which version of the skin they would like to have.

The release date of the Wild Rift Star Guardian Skins is yet to be announced. However, it is expected to arrive within the Patch 3.3 cycle along with various other cosmetics and in-game map overhauls themed around the skin line.

The new Star Guardian skins arriving in the game are for Seraphine, Orianna, Senna, Ahri, Miss Fortune, Xayah, and Rakan.

Here is a preview of all the skins including the Redeemed and Corrupted versions.

With the Star Guardians skin line being one of Riot Games’ biggest creations, fans can look forward to exciting new content arriving soon in Wild Rift.

Last Update: June 28, 2022