Nexplay EVOS Breaks Losing Streak After Reverse Sweep Against TNC Pro Team

Nexplay EVOS finally recovered from its shaky performance in the previous seasons of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10. After a grueling three-round series, the White Tigers secured a 2-1 victory against TNC Pro Team in the fifth week of the regular season. This also marked Nexplay EVOS’ amateur standout Ken “Kzen” Pile’s first win in the MPL PH Season 10. During a post-match press conference, the team’s coach Paolo “Pao” Villanueva revealed that the lineup was a last-minute decision and that some players had to give up their chance to play in order to complete the lineup.

Nexplay EVOS outlasts TNC Pro Team in a game of attrition

Nexplay EVOS broke its six-game losing streak after an impressive reverse sweep against TNC Pro Team. The White Tigers now have accumulated a total of 8 points, four points behind Bren Esports before it could qualify for the playoffs.

While the first game was secured by TNC Pro Team, Nexplay EVOS was able to turn the tides in its favor thanks to the combined efforts of the roamer Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase and jungler Kzen.

RENEJAY put forth a questionable yet surprisingly effective tactic in the first game. The roamer simply charged into battle, purposely isolating himself to distract TNC Pro Team and apply pressure to provide space for other Nexplay EVOS members to split push other lanes.

Kzen contributed to successful Lord and Turtle secures. He even performed impressive Heavy Spin outplays using Akai in the second game, pinning crucial members of TNC Pro Team away from team fights.

Nexplay EVOS kept its momentum going throughout the second and third round of the series to finish with a 2-1 victory.

Coach Pao admits that the lineup against TNC Pro Team was a last-minute decision

During a post-match press conference, Coach Pao shared that some players in Nexplay EVOS had to give up their chance to play in the match against TNC Pro Team to form the team composition that would bring them victory.

“It (the lineup) was just formed last light, and we scrimmed just last night,” said the coach.

He added that “Our trust with each other, it’s just a majority decision. Some let go of their chance [to play], some trusted on these five today.”

This last-minute decision somehow worked in the team’s favor and it broke its long-running loss streak. Kzen also shared that he felt ecstatic to finally get his first MPL win.

“I’m very happy, we really needed this win… actually, I was shouting back on the stage because I was so happy,” stated the amateur standout.

Nexplay EVOS is set to go up against ONIC PH on 17th September at 2:30 PM (PHT). TNC Pro Team will have to find a way to recover from its shaky performance as the team shall go up against RSG PH next on 16th September at 5:00 PM (PHT).

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