Nexplay EVOS Lost by Default Against ECHO Due to No-Show Penalty

ECHO handed Nexplay EVOS an instant loss due to Nexplay EVOS’ failure to show up on time for the match in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. Fans were met with disappointment as this was one of the highly-anticipated matches which did not take place as per schedule due to Nexplay EVOS’ delay. According to an official statement from the esports organization, the reason was due to heavy traffic and a flat tire. Following this, the MPL PH handed Nexplay EVOS a loss by default with ECHO emerging as the winner of the canceled match on the third day of the MPL PH Season 9 Week 4.

Nexplay EVOS penalized for not showing up for the match against ECHO

Amidst the hype surrounding the most-awaited match between Nexplay EVOS and ECHO, the match ended with a default 2-0 victory for ECHO due to Nexplay EVOS failing to show up on time.

This was revealed through an official statement by the MPL PH, revealing that Nexplay EVOS had violated the rule under of the . The rule states that teams must prepare for the match an hour prior to starting and entering the game. If one team has not entered into the match room which has been prepared after twenty minutes, the late team will lose by default.

“The match between Nexplay EVOS and ECHO is scheduled for 8:00 pm today. As of 8:33 pm, Nexplay EVOS has not reached the studio. Adhering to the above-mentioned rules, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – PH operating committee has finally decided to declare ECHO as the winner of the match,” captioned MPL PH.

Nexplay EVOS issues official statement regarding its failure to show up for the match against ECHO

Shortly after the MPL PH handed the penalty to Nexplay EVOS, the esports organization posted an official statement explaining their side of the story.

According to the post, the trip was delayed due to a flat tire which took around an hour before it was resolved. Additionally, the heavy traffic made it difficult for the team to arrive on time for the tournament.

“Our team usually arrives at the venue every game approximately two hours before our matches. As much as we would like to comply with the rules and guidelines of the league in terms of schedule, the unfavorable circumstances earlier were beyond our control,” Nexplay EVOS captioned.

The esports organization ended its statement with an apology to the fans and vowed to do its best in making sure this issue never happens again.

While the canceled match between Nexplay EVOS and ECHO in the fourth week of the MPL PH Season 9 left many fans disappointed, both teams will have one more chance to face each other in the eighth week of the regular season.

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