Neyo Shows Strong Support for SouL Goblin to Win Mobile Esports Player Award

Team SouL Coach Addresses Challenges Faced By Neyo

One of the youngest professional BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) players in the country, Neyo, who is a part of Team SouL has managed to earn the community’s respect for being the ultimate team player.

During a recent livestream, Neyo showed his unwavering support towards his teammate Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal, who has been nominated under the category of ‘Mobile Player of the Year’ for the inaugural season of The MOBIES.

Neyo urged his viewers and the Indian esports community to put in as many votes as possible for Goblin to ensure that he has the maximum chance of being declared as the winner.

Neyo backs SouL Goblin and urges everyone to vote so he can win ‘Mobile Player of the Year’ award

One of the upcoming young talents from India when it comes to mobile battle royales, Neyo has earned the respect of many from the Indian esports community. He has turned out to be the perfect teammate, sending out a straightforward call-to-action in support of Goblin during a recent livestream.

“Just think about this once, if Goblin wins this (The MOBIES Award), it will be incredible, next-level scene. So quickly vote for him, if you have voted from one ID so go and do it again from two, three, four, or five IDs, but keep voting,” instructed Neyo.

He further said that the rules for selecting the final winner are a bit different which makes it a little difficult to win, but we all should do our part and keep voting for Goblin, after that whatever happens it is fine.

“We have to make sure that Goblin wins. Vote so much that it becomes difficult for the jury to judge on the basis of player achievements. Just make him win. Imagine if Goblin wins how will we all feel? From India, one player got selected (in his category) and he ends up winning,” said Neyo.

It is rare to see such camaraderie and affection, but when such things happen it fills the community with hope and does make us unite for a cause. Otherwise it is always some controversy that is taking place and grabbing the attention of the masses.

The MOBIES has nominated Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal for the category of ‘Mobile Player of the Year’ and fans can now vote for their favorite finalist until 30th June by visiting the official website or clicking here.


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