Neyoo vs NinjaJOD Controversy Explained

Neyoo vs NinjaJOD Controversy Explained

A recent controversy between Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) professional players Suraj “Neyoo” Majumdar and Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan Sahoo has recently taken over the BGMI community. On the decider day of NOVUM Championship Season 1, Neyoo accused NinjaJOD of stream sniping after facing a defeat by his team. However, NinjaJOD clearly denied these accusations, stating that he does not watch Neyoo’s livestreams. Let us have a detailed look at this ongoing controversy.

Neyoo accuses NinjaJOD of stream sniping

In the third match of NOVUM Championship Season 1 Decider Day, which was being played on Erangel, Neyoo was playing with his team GodLike Esports, while NinjaJOD was playing with TeamXSpark’s Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka and Darklord, and Revenant Esports’ Sayyam “Sayyam” Ostwal. GodLike Esports landed in Georgopol Port (container area) to loot, whereas NinjaJOD’s team chose Georgopol North City as their landing spot.

After looting Georgopol Port, GodLike Esports went to Georgopol West City to acquire more loot, where they engaged in a fight with a team and defeated it. After this fight, Neyoo was driving a UAZ on the roadside of the city when a Dacia with four players in it chased him and finally finished him. It is worth noting that this was not NinjaJOD’s team but rather a team with two players using the prefix “4KING.” 

NinjaJOD’s team might have noted this fight as they were approaching the play zone through the bridge connecting Georgopol North and West. They rushed toward GodLike Esports to take advantage of the situation. Interestingly, NinjaJOD’s team took a position in the buildings at the back side of the city, which put GodLike Esports in a sandwich situation.

Before NinjaJOD’s team could take advantage of the situation, a player from the 4KING team knocked and finished SHADOW. Subsequently, JONATHAN knocked Darklord, but NinjaJOD quickly picked a good trade to knock and finish JONATHAN. Neyoo mistakenly assumed this team was TSM, as he could only see NinjaJOD. Following this, the last surviving player of GodLike Esports ZGOD managed to knock two players from the 4KING team. However, NinjaJOD landed a perfect grenade and finished him off as well. 

After eliminating the final player of GodLike Esports, NinjaJOD’s name popped up in the kill feed. Neyoo commented that NinjaJOD showed no remorse that people would call him a stream sniper, and made derogatory remarks about him.

Following the game, Neyoo accused NinjaJOD of stream sniping on his livestream. He highlighted that he had set a stream delay in all the previous matches but removed the delay in the last match, and NinjaJOD only came when the delay was removed. “He did not come in any of the previous matches. I removed the stream delay just before this match, and he hit a direct slam after watching the stream. What a cheap player,” he added.

NinjaJOD responds to the stream sniping accusations

In a recent livestream, one of NinjaJOD’s viewers asked him if he actually did stream snipe GodLike Esports. Responding to this, NinjaJOD refuted the allegations and defended himself by stating that he only watches the streams of a few good players, such as Omega and Goblin, as he believes he can learn from them. He also stated that he occasionally watches the streams of some other international players but not those of players who he believes he cannot learn anything from. “He (Neyoo) plays like I used to play classic matches in Season 2. Why would I watch his stream? You get eliminated 3v1 or 4v1 every next day. I see players before me, so I go to kill them. Do you want me to spare you?” he added.

Based on the match stream, it appears that NinjaJOD did not stream snipe, and it was merely a series of co-incidents. However, unlike Neyoo, NinjaJOD was not livestreaming the matches, so there is no evidence to back it. Fortunately, the controversy has been settled for now.


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