Niantic Joins Forces With NBA for New Augmented Reality Basketball Game, NBA All-World

If you’re looking for some AR basketball action, then Niantic has you covered with the all-new free-to-play mobile title, NBA All-World.

The game has been created in partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), and it’s currently available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

With NBA All-World, players can bring stars from the basketball world into their courts and neighbourhoods by recruiting them to play for your team.

You can then improve your squad by levelling your players, and then later use them to battle against other competitors to become the king of your local court. Players can be levelled up using Offense, Defense and Fitness Boosts, and squad owners need to make sure that the team’s Energy is high using Energy Drinks.

The game offers a ton of different gameplay modes for players to defeat NBA-level opponents, who can be recruited as well. Players can also use the squad to play in 1v1 tournaments, which offers exclusive in-game items.

Other than improving their squad’s skills at basketball, players can also give them the freshest drip from renowned clothing brands. Players can even pick up rare gear from drop zones, which improves stats while also making sure they and their team look dapper while balling out.

The game is built on Niantic’s Lightship platform, and with the company’s Campfire social app, players can always be up-to-date with their fellow ballers in NBA All-World.


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