Ninjas in Pyjamas Reveals Wild Rift Roster for the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier


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Swedish esports organization, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) announced its Wild Rift roster for the Wild Rift League 2022: League of Legends Professional League (LPL) Qualifier. Following the merger with Chinese esports organization ESV5, NiP will venture into the Chinese Wild Rift esports with its team roster, the Victory Five. The team is said to be rebranded to Ninjas in Pyjamas in the year 2022. However, the exact date on when the rebranding will take place is yet to be announced. For now, Victory Five will set its focus on the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier and compete for the chance to be one of the top-tier teams in China.

Ninjas in Pyjamas announces Chinese Wild Rift roster

Chinese esports organization ESV5, a joint venture between two esports organizations eStar Gaming and Victory Five (V5) joined forces with Ninjas in Pyjamas for the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier. The merger was announced back on 10th Aug 2021, where a promotional video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of NiP.

The full roster was eventually revealed by Ninjas in Pajamas on 13th Sept 2021. The team name is still titled Victory Five but NiP clarified that it will be rebranded next year.

The members of the Victory Five/ Ninjas in Pyjamas Wild Rift roster are the following;

  • Hang “Zihan” Zihan (刽子涵) – Baron Lane

  • Ling “Weiyang” Guobiao (凌国彪) – Jungle Lane

  • Huang “Alice” Xiaolong (黄孝龙) – Midlane

  • Kou “Chenchen” Song (寇松) – Midlane

  • Xie “Xiaoyu” Xiaoyu (谢小雨) – Dragon Lane

  • Yang “WhitePX” Zekai (杨泽楷) – Dragon

  • Xu “Fangzhu” Teng (徐腾) – Support Lane

  • Liang “RD” Tengli (梁腾励) – Support Lane

The team is currently participating in the group stage of the Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier and is currently ranked second in its group.

Wild Rift League 2022: LPL Qualifier also known as WRL is the . The tournament started on 11th September and is expected to run until 30th Sept 2021. The crowned champions will also represent China in the upcoming World Championship 2021.

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