Nintendo Officially Announces Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023

An official invitational league event for Pokemon UNITE has been announced. The Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 will feature an East Asia, Southeast Asia (SEA), and India League where the qualified teams will compete in the main event for the grand prize of $30,000 USD and the title of being the top Pokemon UNITE team in all of Asia. The tournament is scheduled to be held from January to March 2023. The slot distributions of the East Asia League have been announced while some regions like SEA and India are yet to finalize their qualified teams for the main event.

Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 will feature the best teams from Asia

As Pokemon UNITE continues to grow in popularity in Asia, it was bound to have its own official league tournament. As announced by Pokemon UNITE Japan, the league event will kick off in 2023 featuring the three regions – East Asia, SEA, and India.

According to the , the teams – T2, Secret Ship, No Show, Eternity, and Hi5 will represent the East Asia region in the upcoming invitational event. For the SEA region, teams like Renaissance, MYS, Reech Pokemon, ESCAPE V, and one more team that’s yet to be revealed will compete. As for the India teams, only Revenant Esports is confirmed with the top four teams from the receiving the remaining slots.

The regional tournament for the Pokemon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 will take place on the following date according to the Japanese trailer;

  • East Asia League: 6th January 2023, every Friday at 7:00 PM (JPT)

  • SEA League: 7th January 2023, every Saturday at 6:00 PM (JPT)

  • Indian League: 8th January 2023, every Sunday at 8:30 PM (JPT)

It will be interesting to see if the Pokemon UNITE esports scene continues to grow and potentially expand globally in the future.


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