Nodwin drops Promos of BGMS Season 2 ft. Jonathan, Mortal, Scout, and Mavi

Nodwin Gaming drops the BGMS Season 2 promos, including Indian gaming stars Joanthan, Mortal, Scout, and MAVI.

Nodwin Gaming releases exciting promos for BGMS Season 2, featuring Jonathan, Mortal, Scout, and Mavi. The highly anticipated season 2 starts on August 4, featuring thrilling banters and trash talks between Indian gaming superstars including Jonathan, Mortal, Scout, and Mavi. In BGMI, Team Soul and Godlike Esports share a history of rivalries and banter. Both teams have very large fan bases in India. There is always a race between these two teams for the trophy and other awards.

In the first promo of BGMS Season 2, Nodwin Gaming highlights the intense rivalry between Team Soul and Team Godlike, showcasing Jonathan from Team Godlike and Mortal from Team Soul. In the thrilling banter, Jonathan taunts Mortal, claiming that “Their time is over, the soul of the team Soul is gone, and it’s now Godlike’s time.” Mortal responds and states that “There is a time for noobs like you, but for legends like me, there is an Era!

In a similar way, Nodwin Gaming showcases the friendly banter between two best friends in the Indian gaming industry, Scout and Mavi. Mavi trash-talked Scout, saying, “Don’t think you can escape from me just because you are my ex-teammate, this top player is coming with the top team.” In response, Scout fires back, “You’re the reason we aren’t on top, and think about why we let you go from the team.”

Building upon its record-shattering success in season 1, the upcoming season 2 of the BGMI Masters Series, which kicks off on August 4, will feature 24 teams and offer one of the highest-ever prize pools of INR 2.1 crore (over USD 250K) for a non-publisher event.

The high-octane live broadcast of BGMS Season 2 will kick off at 9:30 p.m. on the Star Sports Network and Rooter.

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