Noida Woman Requests ₹10,000 from Man for Date, Ignites Online Controversy


A recent incident in Noida has ignited a heated discussion about the evolving nature of dating and financial expectations. In a series of WhatsApp exchanges shared by men’s rights activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, a woman requested ₹10,000 from a man for a coffee date, citing expenses for waxing, manicure, clothes, and makeup. This demand has highlighted the increasing materialism in modern relationships, where financial contributions often overshadow emotional connections.

Noida girl asked 10 thousand rupees from boy for a date | नोएडा की लड़की का  प्यार, भीख या व्यापार : डेट के लिए लड़के से मांगे 10 हजार रुपये, अब सोशल

WhatsApp Conversations Highlight Financial Demands for Date

Bhardwaj shared screenshots on social media, showing the woman justifying her request by claiming that free dates lack excitement nowadays. She provided her UPI ID, setting a precedent that drew significant attention and sparked a broader debate on dating norms in India.



Further Financial Requests 

In another screenshot, the same woman asked the man for an additional ₹5,000 to ₹6,000 after overspending at Noida’s Mall of India. She mentioned purchasing shoes and shirts, and when questioned about needing more money, she explained it was for commuting until her next salary, revealing her bank balance had dropped to ₹800.

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Bhardwaj’s post on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the caption,

“Dating in India ain’t for beginners….”

has garnered over 1.5 Million views, with numerous users expressing a range of opinions.

Some commentators highlighted an imbalance in expectations, with men bearing financial burdens. Others criticized the interactions as more business transactions than genuine dating, with one user describing it as exploiting vulnerable men.

The discourse underscores broader societal debates on financial expectations in relationships and the evolving dynamics of intimacy in an increasingly digital and transactional age.

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