NVIDIA Rumored to Release AI Optimized Drivers This Year; Company Working With Valve to Improve GeForce Now on Steam Deck

Nvidia might soon be looking to improve its Game Ready drivers with the implementation of AI optimization.

According to CapFrameX, the Santa Clara-based company might soon introduce these drivers later this year, with the rumor even suggesting a Q1 release window. It’s unclear how the AI aspect will be showcase, as NVIDIA has already provided performance improvement with the help of AI through its upscaling technology, DLSS.

Along with a release window, CapFrameX has also shared that users might see a whopping performance increase of up to 30% with the drivers. A Q1 release window suggests that Nvidia will soon unveil it. However, CapFrameX has stated that fans should take this rumor with a grain of salt, as plans might change for the company.

Nvidia and Steam Deck working on improving GeForce Now for the Steam Deck

Steam Deck might be standing tall right now as the premier choice for players, who are looking to invest in a handheld console to play their favorite PC titles. However, the Deck has found itself some competition in the newly introduced Razer Edge and Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld. And unlike the Steam Deck, both these consoles have Nvidia GeForce Now as a native app through Android, as the former runs on Linux.

However, both Valve and Nvidia are looking to experience for players, who currently enjoy the services of GeForce Now through the Chromium browser on the Steam Deck. Nvidia’s GeForce Now product manager Andrew Fear recently said to PC Gamer that the two parties are looking into ways to improve the experience.

Steam Deck

He said, ” I would say that both Nvidia and Valve, I think we’re both interested in making [GeForce Now on Steam Deck] better.” So, does that mean a native app is in the works right now? According to Fear that’s not the case, as Nvidia doesn’t have “any announcements on a native app coming to Steam.”


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