OhMyV33NUS Claims Pro Players Will Abuse Tenacity in the Revamped MLBB Emblem System

Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, Blacklist International’s esteemed roamer, shared her insights on the most optimal setup in the revamped Emblem System in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). With the recent update igniting fervent discussions among fans, analysts, and professional players alike, the quest for the perfect setup for each hero has intensified. OhMyV33NUS firmly believes that one particular Emblem outshines the rest, demonstrating its versatility across all roles, including the marksman role which usually has a very specific setup. Delving deeper into her analysis, she elucidates the reasons behind this Emblem’s effectiveness, drawing comparisons with other options and providing illustrative examples of its practicality.

OhMyV33NUS thinks Tenacity is the best Emblem in the new Emblem System

Through a livestream, OhMyV33NUS explored the revamped Emblem System in MLBB. As the star roamer analyzed the new update, the adjusted Tenacity Emblem caught her attention, claiming that this may be the best one to use for any role or hero.

“Back then, this was just for tanks. Now, even if you’re a marksman, you can use Tenacity,” said OhMyV33NUS.

She expanded on her explanation, emphasizing her preference for Tenacity over Mystery Shop when it comes to mages, citing the emblem’s late-game utility as the determining factor.

“For all heroes, you can use Mystery Shop but that’s only 95% [item price] so I’ll still choose Tenacity over a 5% discount on items,” explained OhMyV33NUS.

She added that “when you’re already at locked item, this [Mystery Shop] is useless while this [Tenacity] is useful in early to late game.”

Expanding on her assertion, OhMyV33NUS explained the advantages of Tenacity, highlighting its exceptional suitability for intense 1v1 skirmishes and the ability to endure surprise attacks from assassins.

She confidently claimed that professional players will abuse this emblem in the forthcoming tournaments, recognizing its immense potential for elevating their gameplay.

“Mark my words, all pro players will be using Tenacity. Mathematically speaking, it is very worth it and can’t be compared to other emblems,” she explained.

The new Emblem System in MLBB allows players to equip two types of Unique Emblems from any category. This allows players to use Tenacity on top of another Standard Emblem in the game. It will be interesting to see how this revamped emblem system in MLBB shall shake up the meta as a new ranked season opens soon.