OhMyV33nus Promises to Return Stronger After M4 World Championship Loss

OhMyV33nus Promises to Return Stronger After M4 World Championship Loss

Shortly after suffering an upsetting loss against ECHO Philippines (PH) in the M4 World Championship grand finals, Blacklist International’s team captain Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna announced that this is not the end for the squad. Through a social media post, the iconic roamer support reflected on what transpired during the grand finals event. OhMyV33nus also thanked the fans for their continued support despite the shocking loss in the world series event. Fans and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) personalities, including iconic players from ECHO, also commented on the post, showing their support and looking forward to a stronger Blacklist International in the upcoming MLBB esports events.

OhMyV33nus reflects on Blacklist International’s M4 defeat

The grand finals match of the M4 World Championship was one of the most highly anticipated matches for Filipino fans. While a lot of viewers expected it to be a close match, the series only lasted four rounds as ECHO delivered a stunning 4-0 clean sweep victory against the defending champion, Blacklist International.

Shortly after the surprising defeat, OhMyV33nus reflected on the team’s failure to defend its world series title.

“The events that transpired and emotions just sank in, it’s so familiar to me. The feeling when you want to cry but no tears come out,” she captioned. “Maybe because we [Blacklist International] have been to this point many times before and because of this, I think I’ve become numb.”

Despite the loss, OhMyV33nus remains thankful for the fans who continued to support the squad through thick and thin. 

“Despite all these things, I still feel blessed because of the overwhelming support we received, not only from the Philippines but also the whole world, especially those who went to Indonesia and cheered and exchanged banters with other fans from other teams,” she said.

As a team captain for the squad who is known for rising after countless struggles, OhMyV33nus finished his lengthy post with a declaration that the squad will be back stronger than before. 

“Grace under defeat. With this, I will make sure that we will come back stronger than ever. And again, THIS IS STILL NOT THE LAST OF US,” the Queen of the Codebreakers stated.

Aside from the upcoming MLBB Professional League (MPL) Season, Blacklist International will join ECHO as the invited team for the SIBOL National Team Selection for the MLBB Men’s Division for the 2023 SEA Games. It will be interesting to see how the squad performs in upcoming events.


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