OhMyV33NUS Responds to Dogie’s Statement on Sibol’s Odds at Winning SEA Games

Nexplay EVOS’ coach, Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio, made some bold statements regarding the Philippines’ representative for the upcoming 31st Southeast Asian (SEA) Games which is Blacklist International’s Sibol national team. According to Dogie, the Sibol National lineup only has a slim chance of winning against Indonesia’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) national team. The streamer added that Indonesia currently has the strongest meta as he believes the region has adapted quickly to the latest patch update in MLBB. Blacklist International’s iconic team captain Jonmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna jokingly responded to Dogie’s statement regarding the national team’s performance in the upcoming 31st SEA Games through one of his livestreams.

Dogie believes Blacklist International will struggle in the 31st SEA Games

In one of Dogie’s vlogs, the Nexplay EVOS coach revealed that his team struggled to keep up with Indonesian teams during its scrim sessions. According to him, the Indonesian MLBB teams right now are so strong that the Philippines’ Sibol national team may struggle to win in the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

“It hurts to say this, 90% Blacklist International can’t be a champion if they face Indonesia,” said Dogie.

The coach stated that based on Nexplay EVOS’ scrim sessions and the ongoing MPL ID Season 9, Indonesian teams are currently the fastest to adjust whenever a new update arrives in MLBB.

“To be honest guys, they have the strong meta. Now that the update just arrived, I think Indonesia [teams] were the ones who adapted quickly,” said Dogie.

He added that respect bans rarely happen in MLBB matches in Indonesia as teams focus more on what can hinder their lineup instead of worrying about a player’s comfort picks.

Despite his skepticism that Blacklist International’s Sibol national team could win against an Indonesian team in the 31st SEA Games, Dogie remained hopeful that the Philippines representative could still pull through and bring home a medal.

“I think they [Blacklist International] will really struggle, I do hope they can adapt,” said Dogie.

OhMyV33NUS responds to Dogie’s statements regarding Sibol national team’s odds of winning in the 31st SEA Games

Blacklist International’s team captain, OhMyV33NUS got wind of Dogie’s statements and jokingly responded in one of his livestreams.

“NXPE [Nexplay EVOS] should have been the representative for Philippines for SEA Games,” said OhMyV33NUS. “We should have intentionally lost against them in the [Sibol Qualifiers] finals.”

The team captain added that if Nexplay EVOS was the representative, there would be a 90% chance that the Philippines team would secure a gold medal.

“If it’s only us, we only have 10% [chance of winning],” OhMyV33NUS jokingly stated.

To show support to the Philippines representative in the upcoming 31st SEA Games, some MPL PH casters cheered for the Sibol lineup through Twitter posts.

The 31st SEA Games is scheduled to kick off on 12th May where Blacklist International, who is manning the Sibol National team banner, will aim for a gold medal run in the MLBB division.

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