OhMyV33NUS Reveals Why M3 Estes Skin Was Not Used Against RRQ Akira

The fan-favorite roamer of Blacklist International, Johnmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna revealed the reason for not using the Estes world championship skin against the Brazilian squad RRQ Akira in the M4 World Championship playoffs stage. The iconic roamer chose to use the Galaxy Dominator skin for Estes which baffled some fans. The match lasted for four rounds with the defending champion taking the win with a 3-1 score. According to OhMyV33NUS, the Galaxy Dominator Estes skin was her favorite skin before the M3 World Championship skin was released. The star roamer also emphasized that she doesn’t want to play as the defending champions but rather play as one of the contenders in the M4 World Championship.

OhMyV33NUS explains why she is used the Galaxy Dominator Estes skin against RRQ Akira

The iconic OhMyV33NUS with her Estes gameplay was one of the highly anticipated moments in the M4 World Championship playoffs. While fans expected the star roamer to make a statement by using the M3 World Championship Estes skin, that was not the case during the match against RRQ Akira.

OhMyV33NUS opted to use the Galaxy Dominator Estes skin through the four-round series against the Brazilian squad. Through a post-match press conference, the fan-favorite roamer revealed why she did not use the iconic M3 Estes skin.

“Maybe, I just don’t want to think that we are the defending champions,” explained OhMyV33NUS.

The star roamer further elaborated, explaining how the Galaxy Dominator Estes skin was her all-time favorite.

“Before the Blacklist (M3 Estes Skin), my favorite was, out of all the skins in Mobile Legends, the Galaxy Dominator was my favorite skin,” OhMyV33NUS said.

Blacklist International will have a short break and will be back in action on 12th January against the fan-favorite RRQ Hoshi at 7:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if OhMyV33NUS finally uses the M3 Estes skin in one of the upcoming matches in the M4 World Championship.


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