OhMyV33NUS Shares How the Diggie Ban in MPL PH S11 Playoffs Affected the Team

OhMyV33NUS Shares How the Diggie Ban in MPL PH S11 Playoffs Affected the Team

How the recent Diggie MPL PH Ban affected Blacklist International

Through a post-match press conference, Blacklist International revealed that the recent tournament ban of Diggie, due to an unexpected bug, ruined their preparation for the MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs. OhMyV33NUS is widely known for her skills at using Diggie. According to her they were informed very late of the rule update.

“We were informed at 12 midnight, where in those weeks we practiced, which included Diggie, and we had no time to prepare or adjust the drafts we prepared yesterday,” explained the roamer.

“We were really put at a disadvantage but luckily, even without Diggie, we still won,” the queen of Blacklist International added. “Hopefully, [the hero] will be banned only for today.”

OhMyV33NUS goes on to say that the banning of Diggie in the MPL PH Season 11 playoffs was pointless as exploiting the bug is not viable in a competitive setting.

“For me, it’s just too much to auto-ban Diggie when you can just add restrictions similar to Faramis that is not allowed to use Fleeting Time [item],” she said.

According to Keith Medrano, Moonton Games regional public relations manager, the Diggie ban shall last until the tournament is over.

“We’ve observed a bug related to Diggie’s lock settings and egg mechanic. With this, Diggie will be banned from tournament use for one week starting today. The teams have been informed ahead of the games. Let’s look forward to the exciting playoffs season,” said Keith Medrano.

Blacklist International’s coach Aniel “Master the Basics” Jiandani is hopeful that the Diggie bug will get fixed as soon as possible so the ban can be lifted and the squad can use the strategies they have prepared for the playoffs, especially against Bren Esports who is currently one of the strongest teams in the tournament.

“We’re still waiting if the Diggie ban gets lifted, hopefully, it does get lifted tomorrow, that’s the number one thing we are keeping our eyes on, only then will we be able to decide on what more we can do for the playoffs,” the coach said.


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