Olympic Esports 2023: Gamers and Professional Players Express Disappointment Over List of Games for Upcoming Event


Earlier this week, the International Olympic Committee or IOC announced the Olympic Esports Series 2023, which will see esports athletes battle it out in the virtual world.

Esports has long been shunned by traditional sports aficionados. However, with IOC’s new event, it might soon see mainstream acceptance.

The upcoming competition will feature nine esports events based around virtual versions of traditional sports such as archery, swimming, and more. While non-gamers might not have an issue with these selections, the gaming community doesn’t seem thrilled.

Instead of choosing established esports titles that fans of professional gaming have seen over the years, the IOC has rather chosen to alienate the community that it’s trying to attract. While sailing and cycling may have some fun moments, the events will most likely have no interest from fans of games like DOTA 2, Valorant, CS:GO, and more.

Due to these selections, fans have thronged to social media to voice their concerns about the IOC choosing to have esports events based on modern versions of titles like Wii Sports.

Several fans have also began posting lists of games they would like to see in the Olympic Esports Series as well.

In the end, it will be interesting to see whether the IOC’s gamble will pay off. However, at the moment, the organisation will have to suffice with disappointing looks from the gaming community.

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