Omega and Nexplay Receive Penalties Over Controversial Match in MPL PH Season 8


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The final verdict regarding the controversial match between Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS has been revealed by the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) committee. The investigation revealed that both teams violated rules “Competitive Integrity” and 12.1.5 “Professional Manner,” during the final match of the MPL PH Season 8 regular season. As a result, both Omega Esports (OMG) and Nexplay EVOS (NXPE) will be fined $3,000 USD (₱151,885 PHP) and some of its members lost their privilege of winning personal awards in the MPL PH Season 8. Nexplay EVOS’s Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio was also penalized for making a rude gesture on camera after the match ended.

Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS lose personal award privileges over an unprofessional match in MPL PH Season 8

Following the investigation that ensued after the controversial match that was held on 10th Oct 2021, the MPL PH has decided to impose penalties on Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS due to unprofessional conduct.

The announcement was made on 12th Oct 2021, revealing all the rules that both teams violated. Both teams will receive a hefty fine.

“Although NXPE and OMG have been cooperating with officials to actively investigate, both teams still bear management responsibilities for the issue,” stated MPL PH. “Both NXPE and OMG will get a $3,000 penalty and a serious warning.”

Some players received a serious warning and lost their chance to win awards

Additionally, some of the members of Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS have also been stripped off their privilege of winning personal awards in the MPL PH Season 8. These are the players mentioned in the official statement.

Omega Esports

  • Robert “Hito” Candoy

  • Dean “Raizen” Sumagui

  • Dian “Dian” Cruz

  • Romeir “Allidap” Padilla

  • Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso

Nexplay EVOS

A separate penalty has also been imposed upon Dogie due to enacting an inappropriate gesture during the livestream match. The pro player is suspended in the next two matches and is fined $500 USD (₱25314 PHP). The penalty is similar to the penalty that .

“During game 3, Player Dogie of NXPE broke the following rule: 12.2.1 Making a prohibited pose.” stated MPL-PH.

However, , this will likely not affect Nexplay EVOS in the upcoming MPL PH Season 8 playoffs stage since he is not planning on competing in future matches.

MP PH ended its statement by saying that they will continue to promote a healthy and professional environment for both the audience and the pro players.

“We will continuously strive towards becoming one of, if not the best, MOBA esports leagues and we will not let these incidents dampen the joy of competing,” stated MPL PH.

Fortunately, both teams will still be able to compete in the upcoming playoffs stage of the MPL PH Season 8. It will be interesting to see Omega Esports and Nexplay EVOS’ performance in the upcoming tournament.

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