Omega Esports Explains Why They Can Dominate Long Matches

Omega Esports Explains Why They Can Dominate Long Matches

Omega Esports secured a clean sweep victory against Nexplay EVOS after a long and grueling series in the third week of the . While White Tigers did have the early game advantage, it couldn’t close the game, allowing Omega Esports to flit the tides. Through a post-match press conference, the team’s head coach Jomie “P4kbet” Abalos explained how late games have become the iconic moment for the Smart-backed squad to dominate. Omega Esports is well known for its mental fortitude to withstand and dominate longer matches, giving them the title of the “Late-Game Kings.”

Omega Esports outlasts Nexplay EVOS in a game of attrition

Omega Esports survived a test of endurance against Nexplay EVOS to secure a 2-0 clean sweep victory. This is the third consecutive victory for the Smart-backed squad and tied with ONIC PH with four wins and one loss.

Mariusz “Donut” Villamero Tan managed to carry Nexplay EVOS in the second game with his Beatrix. However, the team’s shaky objective control allowed Omega Esports keep. The White Tigers were able to apply immense pressure on Dean “Raizen” Christian Sumagui’s Fanny thanks to the on-point hooks by Karl “Micophobia” Mico Tarala Quitlong’s Franco.

A huge team fight happened at the 36-minute mark where Nexplay EVOS tried to take down Grant “Kelra” Duane Pillas but failed miserably, resulting in a wipeout. With no one to defend the base, Omega Esports went straight to the nexus and closed the series with a 2-0 clean sweep victory.

Coach P4kbet shares how Omega Esports endure long matches in tournaments

Through a post-match press conference, Omega Esports’ head coach shared how the team was able to withstand the game of attrition against Nexplay EVOS. According to him, the members are simply used to long games.

“In our scrims, it always reaches the late game. Also, late games are the crucial moments for us… we know our enemies will have a hard time taking us down because we have heroes that they don’t know how to counter,” he said.

Omega Esports is set to ONIC PH on 27th August at 6:00 PM (PHT). Nexplay EVOS will have a chance to redeem itself against the defending champions RSG PH on 28th August.


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