Omega Shares His Views on Blind Esports’ New BGMI Roster

Scout Defends Omega on Stream, Calls Him the Best BGMI IGL

Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Sahil “Omega” Jakhar recently expressed his views on Blind Esports’ new BGMI roster. Omega expressed his belief that Blind Esports’ investment in the team might pay off well. He also expressed his confidence in the team’s new roster, noting that all four players have a good history. He highlighted the team’s focus and dedication and predicts that Blind Esports will achieve good results.

Omega believes Blind Esports will win the first BGMI event after its potential unban

In a recent livestream, one of Omega’s viewers asked him his opinions on Blind Esports’ new BGMI roster. Responding to this, Omega acknowledged that Blind Esports’ BGMI lineup is very good and has been picked at the right time, as the recently emerged rumors suggest that the game might return soon. He added that if the rumors are true, this will be a good investment for the organization. Furthermore, he predicts  the team will see good results, as four of its players used to perform well when they played for Global Esports.

Omega noted that all four players are completely focused on playing their game and practicing without worrying about anything else. He added that while they sometimes try to show off with “cool gameplay,” it is not much of an issue. Despite this, Omega still considered the team to be quite good. He opined that all of the players are talented and the team as a whole will achieve good results. 

Omega also expressed his confidence in the new roster of Blind Esports. He stated there is a very high chance that Blind Esports will win whatever event is hosted after the game’s potential return. “I won’t even say my team because they have worked hard, and half of our players don’t even play. But we will still try. We will at least get a second or third-place finish,” he added.

Omega noted that Blind Esports’ players started out as underdogs, picked by Mayavi to play as “Team Mayavi.” Despite this, the team has managed to achieve a great deal of success, thanks to their dedication and hard work. Omega also admired Blind Esports’ grind and achievements, recognizing that they have put in a lot of effort to reach their current level of skill.

Four of Blind Esports’ BGMI players – Khush “Joker” Singh, Nakul “NakuL” Sharma, Mohammad “Manya” Raja, and Manpreet “Rony” Singh – were a part of Global Esports’ playing-four prior to joining Blind Esports. On the other hand, Rudra “Spower” B and Aravind “SpyOp” Menon are two of the youngest professional BGMI esports players and content creators in India. Although they have faced age-related restrictions that prevent them from participating in official tournaments, they have already established themselves as notable athletes in the BGMI community


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