On a Mission: Medal Esports Enters the Battlefields of BGMI With New Roster

Medal Esports, a prominent organization in the Indian esports industry, recently made a significant move by signing a talented Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster. The team comprises four skilled players – Parichay “Paradox” Bansal, Rishabh “Encore” Katoch, Ankit “Topdawg” Mehra, and Jaideep “Kyoya” Mankar – who have previously played together.

Paradox is all set to lead the team as its in-game leader (IGL), while Topdawg and Kyoya will be the team’s primary assaulters. As the assaulters, their primary focus will be to engage enemies, secure kills, and create opportunities for the team to gain a positional advantage. Meanwhile, Encore will take up the role of being the filter/support player, providing essential support to the team in various aspects.

Paradox, Encore, Topdawg, and Kyoya form the New Medal Esports BGMI Lineup

Interestingly, these four players have previously competed together as Revenant Esports in 2021/2022. Paradox and Encore are an inseparable duo who have played together in iconic teams such as MegaStars in the past. Some of the notable achievements of this duo include placing third in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1 in 2020 and fifth (as Learn From Past) in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India in 2019.

Topdawg has previously played for teams such as Learn From Past, DarkTangent Esports, and Revenant Esports. He was in the top four fraggers of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series in 2021. The trio of Encore, Topdawg, and Paradox also won the EGI (Ebullient Gaming India) Revamp Battle in 2021 as Revenant Esports. After the addition of Kyoya, the team secured second place in the Battleground Warriors Cup in 2021. Following this, Revenant Esports participated in well-known tournaments such as Battlegrounds Mobile India Series and Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series, where it placed 8th and 16th, respectively. 

Medal Esports aims to win the first official tournament after BGMI’s return in the short term, while its long-term target is to represent the nation on the international stage and achieve victory. To support the goals, Medal Esports has provided the players with a boot camp facility and a coach. Boot camps allow players to practice and improve their gameplay and work on their teamwork with the support of a coach, who helps them identify and rectify their mistakes, suggesting better strategies and changes. 

Medal Esports is all set to compete against the other established teams very soon. Just like the other teams, its goal is also to win the rumored BGIS Season 2.