ONE Esports Issues Official Statement Regarding Masha Bug Incident in MPLI 2022


The organizer, ONE Esports, made an official statement addressing the issues surrounding the Masha bug that EVOS Legends allegedly abused during its match against ECHO. According to the tournament organizers, Moonton conducted an investigation and confirmed that there was no bug for the said hero. This is why Masha was shortly unbanned from the tournament and EVOS Legends was able to use it against Bren Esports on Day 3 of the MPLI 2022. While it has been confirmed that there was no Masha bug, some fans were not convinced with ONE Esports’ statement.

Moonton confirms that “there are no bugs for Masha”

On the second day of the MPLI 2022, for its questionable Masha pick in its match against ECHO. The hero is known to have a bug that increases her bonus health whenever she dies in battle. This effect seems to stack the more she dies which led fans to believe that the White Tigers were abusing it to win.

The hero was eventually banned from the tournament by the organizers during Game 3 of the EVOS Legends versus (vs) ECHO match. However, fans were shocked when the White Tigers were able to use it again during its match against Bren Esports.

ONE Esports posted an official statement on its Twitter handle, revealing why Masha was unbanned from the tournament.

“On Day 2 of the ONE Esports MPL Invitational 2022, an incident occured during Game 2 of Match 1 against EVOS Legends and ECHO that led to the speculations of a bug related to the in-game hero, Masha,” the post captioned.

The post continued, explaining how Moonton had confirmed that there was no bug for Masha which resulted in the hero’s ban being lifted on Day 3 of the MPLI 2022.

“Following this investigation, Moonton and the tournament organizers have agreed that use of Masha in subsequent tournament matches may resume Day 3 onwards,” stated ONE Esports.

The tournament organizers also asked fans to “refrain from further speculation, and continue to support the teams.”

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