ONIC Esports Explains Game 1 Struggles Against Burn x Flash in MSC 2023 Opener

ONIC Esports, the Indonesian powerhouse, notched its inaugural triumph in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2023 (MSC 2023) by defeating Burn x Flash, the Cambodian representative. Displaying their prowess, the Yellow Hedghogs secured an impressive 2-0 clean sweep in the opening game. Despite Burn x Flash’s impressive performance, the Indonesian squad showcased their dominance throughout the Best of Three (Bo3) series. In a subsequent post-match press conference, ONIC Esports candidly addressed their initial jitters in Game 1 and elaborated on the team’s remarkable recovery, ultimately securing the decisive clean sweep victory.

ONIC Esports scores first victory at MSC 2023 opening day

The illustrious Sky Kings wasted no time in overpowering the formidable Burmese powerhouse during the MSC 2023 opening day, securing an impressive 2-0 sweep. Despite initial struggles in game one caused by Burn x Flash’s Ty “D7” Oudom’s clever Diggie pick, ONIC Esports emerged victorious with the help of its EXP Laner, Muhammad “Butsss” Sanubari. Butsss skillfully prolonged the game, enabling the team to stage a remarkable comeback in the late game.

In the second game, Burn x Flash fought desperately to maintain control, but ONIC Esports once again stole the spotlight with a decisive Lord fight at the 17-minute mark. Nicky “Kiboy” Fernando’s exceptional performance on Khufra earned him the well-deserved MVP title in the second game, boasting an impressive 1/3/9 KDA.

ONIC Esports explains why it struggled in Game 1 against Burn x Flash

Shortly after winning its first series in the MSC 2023, ONIC Esports revealed through a post-match press conference why the team almost lost against Burn x Flash in the first game.

According to the squad’s star jungler Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol, “Matbe it’s hard because it was just a warmup game.”

According to the team’s Mid Laner Gilang “S A N Z,” there were a few things that had to be adjusted in Game 1 which may have caused the team to struggle in the early game.

“During the first game, there’s a bit of adjustment because the enemy used Diggie which forced the team to switch to a late game-centered lineup,” he explained.

ONIC Esports shall be facing the North American representative, on 12th June at 5:30 PM (PHT). It shall be interesting to see if the Indonesian squad can keep its momentum going and secure a playoffs spot in the MSC 2023.