ONIC Esports’ Two-Roam Meta in the MPL ID Season 9 Was Inspired by PH Teams

ONIC Esports, the team that is currently at the top of the leaderboards of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 9 regular season admitted that the two-roam meta rose because of teams from the Philippines (PH). According to the team’s coach Ronaldo “Aldo” Liebert, the strategy was adopted during the M3 World Championship where the two Philippines representative teams used two roamers instead of the staple one roamer team composition. This strategy proved very effective for ONIC Esports, allowing it to secure the top spot on the Week 4 leaderboards of the MPL ID Season 9.

ONIC Esports’ Two-Roam strategy is dominating the MPL ID Season 9

With the newfound meta, a lot of Indonesian teams have started adopting the Two-Roam strategy that was first introduced by the Philippines teams during the M3 World Championship.

During the fourth week of the MPL ID Season 9, Bigetron Alpha tried to pull off this strategy with a roaming Ruby and Natalia against ONIC Esports who also had the same idea in mind. ONIC Esports took the roaming Selena and Franco team composition which proved more effective than Bigetron Alpha’s draft.

The second match saw ONIC Esports using Diggie and Franco as its roamers. The rotations of the two roamers were so fast that Bigetron Alpha could not find the opportunity to turn the tides in its favor. The match eventually closed with a solid 2-0 sweep victory for ONIC Esports.

ONIC Esports coach admits to having taken inspiration from Philippines teams’ two-roam meta

According to a report from , the coach of ONIC Esports, Aldo revealed that the two-roam strategy was inspired by the Philippines teams. Additionally, the strategy became very effective for the team due to Thomas “SamoHt” Obadja’s proficiency in the roamer role.

“Maybe (we won) because of our roamer SamoHt. However, I also want to expand our gameplay. We learned back in M3 (World Championship) that the PH teams frequently used two roamers so we want to use that strategy too,” the coach explained.

Aldo further elaborated that this strategy allowed the team’s rotations to be much faster and more aggressive than the usual rotations using a jungler.

“The two-roam meta is effective in applying pressure in the early game. It gives the opposing jungler a hard time due to how fast we can clear waves followed by frequent skirmishes,” Aldo said.

It would seem that the Philippines MLBB teams continue to influence the playstyle of pro players and teams from other regions. Fans may see more strategies and tactics from the Phillippines region get adapted to other regions in future MLBB esports events.

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