ONIC PH Hands ECHO its First Loss in MPL PH Season 9

After three weeks, ECHO finally suffered its first loss in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9 against ONIC PH. ECHO showed impressive map dominance which allowed it to secure objectives with ease. However, ONIC PH was able to hold on to the game and pull off impressive comebacks, closing the series with a solid 2-1 victory.

ONIC PH even gave their opponents a dose of its own medicine by using the Jhonson and Kadita combo against ECHO who re-introduced this strategy in MPL PH Season 9. Through a post-match interview, ONIC PH’s EXP laner Gerald “Dlarskie” Trinchera revealed how much effort he put in to keep himself from letting his emotions affect his performance.

ECHO breaks winning streak against ONIC PH

In an impressive comeback victory, ECHO was able to take down ONIC PH in the first game. ECHO’s gold laner, Frederic “Bennyqt” Benedict Gonzales Phoveus spearheaded the team into a huge team fight dominance with his Phoveus who garnered nine kills and 10 assists in the first game.

In the second match, ONIC PH took inspiration from ECHO’s previous matches and went for a Jhonson and Kadita combo. While Allen “Baloyskie” Jedric Baloy had a hard time maneuvering Johnson’s vehicle mode, he was able to open up crucial team fights and slowed down Karl “KarlTzy” Gabriel Nepomuceno’s farming rotation with surprise hit and runs. The match ended with ONIC PH taking the win and opening a third deciding match for the series.

The third match saw a tug of war between the two teams with ECHO taking the early game. As ECHO was about to close the match at the 17-minute mark, ONIC PH did not falter and stalled the game just enough for Kairi “Kairi” Ygnacio Rayosdelsol’s Helcurt and Mark “Markyyyyy” Christian Capacio’s Wanwan to break which resulted in ECHO losing four of its members. With a huge opening, ONIC PH did not hesitate to take its chances and successfully closed the series through a comeback victory.

Baloyskie stressed out trying to keep Dlarksie from trashtalking during ONIC PH vs ECHO match

Shortly after a grueling match against the previously unbeatable squad, Dlarskie revealed that he tried so hard not to trash talk ECHO so as to not let his emotions affect the match.

“I was really holding back my emotions because in-game I’m really a trashtalker,” Dlarskie said.

He further added that Baloyskie was stressed trying to keep him in check so as to not go overboard with his trashtalking. “When they get wiped out during a clash, I trashtalk too much, I really shout at them,” Dlarskie explained. “My teammates don’t hear it and Baloyskie was keeping me in check.”

Baloyskie wanted to prevent emotions from affecting the team’s performance during the match. This is why he kept his teammates from expressing way too much and make them focus on the goal of defeating ECHO who previously had five straight wins before losing against ONIC PH.

ONIC PH’s battle this week is far from over as it will be facing RSG PH on 12th March at 8:00 PM (PHT).

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