ONIC PH Rise in MPL PH S10 Indicates That Philippines Is Ready for MDL

The renewed ONIC PH continues to take down dominant teams in the third week of the . Shortly after upsetting Blacklist International, the Yellow Hedgehogs took down Omega Esports with a 2-1 victory.

Through a post-match press conference, ONIC PH’s coaches shared how establishing the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) in the Philippines would help in the growth of MLBB esports in the region. An official amateur league would help more non-franchise teams get recognized and motivate more players to try harder in hopes of joining the pro scene.

ONIC PH takes down the “Late-Game Kings” Omega Esports with a reverse sweep

The former Monster Anarchy amateurs continue to impress fans with their dominant performance in the pro scene under ONIC PH. The team was able to make outlast Omega Esports’ resilience after a three-game series, claiming its fifth consecutive win in the MPL PH Season 10.

Game one saw Omega Esports proving their title as the kings of late game. While ONIC PH had the best early game performance, the Smart-backed squad was able to pick up the pace and outperformed the Yellow Hedgehogs despite being behind in the objective securing.

However, Omega Esports failed to keep its momentum going in the second game. A crucial trade-off was made at the 18-minute mark which killed both of the team’s jungler. While Omega Esports was left to retreat, ONIC PH forced a Lord secure which gave it the opportunity to take its first win of the series at the 19-minute mark.

ONIC PH continued its momentum in the deciding match, defeating Omega Esports in a dominant fashion. The third game ended with a massive 12 kills secured by the Yellow Hedgehogs while the kings of the late game only had 2 kills on the table.

Amateurs deserve more opportunities in the MLBB esports scene, says ONIC PH coaches

With the impressive performance shown by ONIC PH’s rookie-filled squad, it’s obvious that the amateur scene for the MLBB esports scene in the Philippines looks promising. With the , the ONIC PH coaches think it’s high time that amateur players get their moment to shine.

“There are [amateur] teams that don’t get noticed but here are a lot of talented [players] that are left out in the amateur scene,” said coach Mark “Bluffzy” Reyes.

He added that since the league switched to a franchise format, amateur teams no longer get an opportunity to experience the pro league.

“We are the symbol that amateurs in the Philippines are no push overs. We proved that amateurs in PH can’t be belittled,” stated coach Jeffrey “Jeff” Manforte.

He followed up that amateur players “will be more motivated to grind more and in the future, they can keep up and we’ll meet each other because in time MPL teams would just acquire players in the amateur scene especial international teams.”

ONIC PH is set to go against TNC Pro Team on 2nd September at 8:00 PM (PHT). Omega Esports will have its chance for redemption against Bren Esports on the same day at 6:00 PM (PHT).

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