ONIC PH Unveils MPL PH Season 11 Roster

ONIC PH Unveils MPL PH Season 11 Roster

ONIC Philippines (PH) has officially unveiled its roster featuring new faces while also releasing two of its talents. Team Yellow Hedgehogs added a pro player from the amateur team Monster Anarchy alongside another talent from Nexplay 2.0. ONIC PH also signed a new assistant coach to further fortify its roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 11. The squad is now a mix of seasoned and new players that are looking to compete in the upcoming tournament. 

For now, only ONIC PH has unveiled its full roster for the upcoming league season while .

ONIC PH is ready for MPL PH Season 11

Through a Facebook post on 25th January, ONIC PH showed its full roster for the upcoming MPL PH Season 11. The squad made quite a good impression back in Season 10 where it fielded amateur players from Monster Anarchy on top of its seasoned players.

This time, it looks like ONIC PH is looking to field even more promising talents for its roster.

The squad is now comprised of the following members;

  • Archie “Pancake Gaming” Guevarra Jr. 

  • David “BOSS A.” Gamboa

  • Landher “Der” San Gabriel

  • Kenneth “Nets” Barro

  • Nowee “Ryota.” Macasa

  • Stephen Jasper “Sensui” Castillo

  • Frince Miguel “Super Frinceee” Ramirez

  • Jefferdson “Kekedoot” Mogol

  • Mark “Bluffzy” Reyes

  • Lyrick

The new members include another Monster Anarchy talent, BOSS A., and a former Nexplay 2.0 player Pancake Gaming  (also known as AkosiDogieFanboy).

On the coaching side, ONIC PH welcomed the popular MLBB content creator Lyrick Tutorials as the assistant coach.

ONIC PH released Rapidoot and Coach Jeff

While ONIC PH is now filled with promising talents, the squad let go of two iconic personalities from its roster.

On 23rd January, the Yellow Hedgehogs announced the departure of its iconic veteran player Ralph “Rapidoot” Adrales and Jeffrey “Coach Jeff” Manforte. 

It will be interesting to see how ONIC PH performs in the upcoming MPL PH Season 11.


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