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Published: 2022-10-29T13:30:59

Updated: 2022-10-29T13:31:12

Moira is set to receive some vital tweaks to her playstyle as Overwatch 2’s devs roll out improvements to the fan-favorite Support Hero.

Support Heroes are the unsung heroes of Overwatch 2. Providing players with life-saving healing in the heat of battle, Heroes like Moira or Mercy are essential for getting the Payload over the line.

Moira in particular is a popular choice for Support players, thanks to her accessible playstyle for newcomers and veterans alike.

Some players believe Moira could be even better and the devs agree, with tweaks to enhance Moira in the works.

Moira will gain improved “flow and adaptability” in Overwatch 2

Moira’s exceptional health-draining attack makes her a valuable asset to any team, but Lead Hero Designer Alex Dawson believes more can be done to bolster Moira’s performance.

Replying to a thread of player questions, Dawson noted “For Moira, want to make sure we get it right. Tons of people love her playstyle.”

The designer continued: “We want any added utility to not break her flow and approachability.”

Dawson didn’t mention any specific tweaks on this occasion but explained that he “has some ideas” and that they will be implemented “down the road” in the future.

Players have joined in Dawson’s conversation, commending his vision and suggesting new ways to increase the appeal of Support Heroes.

Twitter user @SamuelChurch14 claimed that “Moira just needs to be changed in a way that more incentivizes healing.”

“Most people I see playing Moira play her because they want to get a ton of frags without dealing with DPS queue times,” they added.

As Moria’s damage attack that steals an opponent’s HP can be difficult to escape, running up a high elimination count becomes increasingly viable.

For now, players are looking forward to the addition of a mysterious new Tank character.

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