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Overwatch 2 devs tease new Support Heroes amid roster concerns – Dexerto


Published: 2022-10-29T11:13:13

Updated: 2022-10-29T11:13:25

Overwatch 2 Lead Hero Designer Alex Dawson has addressed concerns that the Blizzard-developed FPS is in need of more Support Heroes, with players expressing their desire to see new Heroes emerge in-game.

Overwatch 2 sees the return of an impressive Hero roster, with 35 of them to master in total. Naturally, as the game finds its footing, popular choices like Sojourn have received controversial nerfs.

However, players looking for more options won’t have to wait much longer, as a new Tank Hero is touted to arrive soon. But what about the Support players keeping the squad alive?

While other classes are enjoying plenty of changes, Overwatch 2 players are calling upon the devs to flesh out the game’s Support roster.

Overwatch 2 dev promises “long-term” focus on adding Support Heroes

With only eight Support Heroes to choose from at this point in time, Overwatch 2 players have inquired as to whether the devs are bringing more to the selection pool.

Alex Dawson, the Lead Hero Designer on the game, explained that “it’s one of our long-term focuses. Right now the pool is quite small for two players to choose from.”

As Overwatch 2 begins to see more updates implemented over time, Dawson continued: “[Overwatch 2] may see more new supports than other roles to bolster that pool.”

“There’s still lots of interesting space for us to explore as designers when making supports!” Dawson added.

Currently, Overwatch 2’s 5v5 match infrastructure ensures that only two players are able to select Support roles.

Though this is unlikely to change due to the game’s design ethos, introducing new Support Heroes will undoubtedly keep the role interesting for returning players.

For now players are enjoying the game’s limited-time Halloween event, which has plenty of unique Easter Eggs and secrets to uncover.

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