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Overwatch 2 players discover huge hint for new underwater map hiding in plain sight – Flizzyy


Published: 2022-10-31T17:49:32

Updated: 2022-10-31T17:49:44

Overwatch 2 players might have discovered the game’s next map set to launch when Season 2 begins in December.

Season 1 of Overwatch 2 is well underway with fans glued to their screens leveling up their Battle Pass and climbing the ranks, but they have plenty to be excited for when Season 2 begins later this year.

The next OW2 season will feature a new male tank hero that fans have seen and a map tied to that character, as revealed by Game Director Aaron Keller.

While the hero has been “leaked” as Mauga, there’s not much info about the new map readily available, but that might be because it was hidden in-game right under our noses all this time.

SonOfGarry/Blizzard Entertainment

Could Atlantic Arcology be Overwatch 2’s next map?

Overwatch 2’s next map might be underwater

As showcased by Redditor ‘SonOfGarry,’ there seems to be clues towards the next map on existing locations added to Overwatch 2.

On both Midtown and Esperanca maps, there are train routes that mention a number of existing maps and one that has yet to be revealed: Atlantic Arcology.

The Redditor pointed out that ‘Arcology’ can be summarized as a “city contained inside of a massive man-made structure” and noted how the Atlantic portion suggests this could be an Atlantis-like area.

Users also pointed out that in the Overwatch 2 beta, the location was called the ‘Pan-Atlantic Arco’ in train signs, so it’s quite interesting that Blizzard changed the name.

Fans of Overwatch might be familiar with an underwater map, as early concept art showcased ‘Galapagos’ as a control point map that never materialized.

Overwatch 2 underwater mapBlizzard Entertainment

An underwater map was included in Overwatch concept art.

Of course, with 2CP being no more, it’s possible that the devs went back to the Galapagos concept to make it into something new, such as a King of the Hill map.

With rumors and leaks suggesting that the new hero will be Mauga, who is believed to be of Samoan heritage, fans are split as to whether or not he will be tied to this map.

It’s also possible that this map or even Mauga is set for a much later release in Overwatch 2’s life and Season 2 will introduce a different hero with a connection to another map.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds as Season 1 continues on and the devs drop more hints at what’s in store for later this year.

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