Overwatch Adds Nvidia Reflex Support

Overwatch Adds Nvidia Reflex Support

Overwatch has now gotten Nvidia Reflex support, letting players with GeForce GPUs benefit from the latency-reducing feature. Nvidia says that in its tests it reduced latency by up to 50%.

To use Nvidia Reflex in Overwatch, make sure you have a GeForce GTX 900 Series or newer card and install the newest Overwatch update. Then go to Options > Video Settings to enable Reflex. The company also has an optimization guide for further tips on how to reduce latency in-game.

As part of the announcement, Nvidia pointed out that it’s bringing Reflex support to Rust and Ghostrunner soon as well.

The company also boasted that a new Boost mode can further reduce latency, and it’s seen positive results in testing with games like Fortnite and Valorant. A connected GeForce Experience app can also log your data like FPS and latency stats, and if you want to get really in the weeds with your performance, you can choose the number of samples that the analyzer will use in its averages.

Currently Overwatch is hosting its annual Overwatch Archives event, offering returning PvE maps, new challenges, and of course, a ton of cosmetics to collect. This time those cosmetics have a historical flavor, based on famous warriors throughout history like French musketeers, American patriots, and Japanese samurai. A follow-up, Overwatch 2, is coming but won’t be hitting this year.

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