Paris Hilton Admits Being Forced & Manipulated To Make S*x Tape With Her Ex: “He Told Me If I Wouldn’t Do It…”

Paris Hilton Recalls Ex Saying "He Told Me If I Wouldn't, He Could Find Someone" As She Talks About Felling Pressured To Make S*X Tape
Paris Hilton Reveals Feeling Pressurised To Make S*x Tape With Ex: “I Could Think Of Being Dumped By This Grown Man Because I Was A Stupid Kid” ( Photo Credit – )

Paris Hilton is a businesswoman, socialite and model, and due to the release of h leaked s*x tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon is considered an actress by a few. The now-married mother of one heiress of the Hilton group is now opening up about the infamous s*x tape filmed when she was just 19 upcoming book Paris: The Memoir.

Set to come out on March 14, excerpts from the book have now made their way online. In a passage from the book, the businesswoman – who refers to Rick by his nickname Scum, says he made her feel ‘pressured’ into doing it on camera. Read on to know all she had to say.

In an excerpt of ‘Paris: The Memoir’ which appears in The Times, Paris Hilton opened up about her 2003 leaked s*x tape in her book ‘Paris: The Memoir’ saying, “I don’t remember that much about the night he wanted to make a videotape while we made love. He had often said it was something he did with other women, but I felt weird and uncomfortable about it. I always told him, ‘I can’t. It’s too embarrassing.’”

Paris Hilton further writes, “He told me if I wouldn’t do it, he could easily find someone who would, and that was the worst thing I could think of – to be dumped by this grown man because I was a stupid kid who didn’t know how to play grown-up games.”

As per online articles, Paris also admitted that she drank alcohol and took Quaaludes before making the tape. The socialite also added that she was horrorstruck when a 37-second clip of the video began circulating online years later. She also recalls begging ‘Scum’ not to release the full version of the tape, but he responded by saying he had every right to sell something that belonged to him. Adding that she believed her ‘life was over,’ Paris said she felt her ‘self-worth’ was in ruins.

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