PEL 2022 Summer Finals Day 3: Overall standings, match summary, and more

PEL Summer Finals features 20 matches (Image via Tencent)

With the conclusion of 15 matches in the PEL Summer Finals, Nova Esports remained in the pole position with 174 points after accumulating 49 points on Day 3. With their excellent performances today, TJB Gaming claimed second place with 147 points.

With TJB climbing up, LGD Gaming dropped to third position with 141 points, followed by SMG. At the end of Day 3, Thunder Talk and KONE were in fifth and sixth place with 108 and 106 points, respectively. Facing another bad day, STE slipped down to ninth place in the overall rankings.

PEL Summer Finals Day 3 highlights

Rankings of the top five teams after Day 3 of PEL Finals (Image via Tencent)
Rankings of the top five teams after Day 3 of PEL Finals (Image via Tencent)

Match 1 – Miramar

TJB claimed a 10-kill Chicken Dinner in the first match of the day after winning a thrilling fight against LGD Gaming. After the win, the team crossed the 100 point mark on the overall leaderboard. However, LGD Gaming still managed to accumulate 24 points in the match, including 18 kill points, while table toppers Nova Esports only claimed 10 points.

Match 2 – Sanhok

Interestingly, it was a back-to-back victory for TJB, who put on yet another spectacular performance and won a 12-kill Chicken Dinner. With their second win, they knocked LGD Gaming out of second place in the overall standings. TC came in second with nine points, while Nova Esports, SMG, and AG collected 12, 10, and 10 points, respectively.

TC moved up to seventh position after PEL Finals Day 3 (Image via Tencent)
TC moved up to seventh position after PEL Finals Day 3 (Image via Tencent)

Match 3 – Erangel

The intense final battle of the match occurred between Thunder Talk and KONE, in which the former emerged victorious with 14 kill points. The Chosen (TC), KONE, and Nova Esports accumulated 14, 12 and 9 points, respectively. TJB and LGD had below average performances as they collected only six and three points, respectively.

Match 4 – Erangel

TJB managed to win their third Chicken Dinner of the day with seven eliminations. KONE and AG accumulated 14 points each, while Nova Esports and SMG collected 13 points each. Unfortunately, it was a bad game for LGD Gaming as the side only scored two points.

After Match 4, Nova Esports was in first place with 169 points, followed by TJB with 146 points. SMG and LGD Gaming claimed third and fourth positions with 133 and 129 points, respectively.

Match 5 – Erangel

The fifth match was won by Tianba with seven elimination points. Defending champion RSG scored 17 points in the match, but it was not enough to boost their overall ranking. By the end of Day 3, the defending champs were placed in the eighth spot with 98 points.


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